‘Bo Tried to Fire B-school Prez, Hubbard

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A few days ago, the NYTimes ran a profile of Glenn Hubbard, B-school president and “Romney’s go-to economist.” The piece included this nugget—that PrezBo tried and failed to give Hubbard the boot:

 It’s been a well-kept secret, but faculty members say that in 2008, the president of Columbia, Lee C. Bollinger, wanted to bounce Mr. Hubbard from his job. Why? Nobody has offered an explanation, not even to the senior faculty members who were asked at a meeting to rally behind their leader by signing a petition of support. Neither Mr. Hubbard nor Mr. Bollinger would answer questions on the subject.

It’s not surprising that this isn’t out, because generally, by the time one hears of PrezBo’s plans, it’s a foregone conclusion that they will be carried out (cf. Manhattanville, ROTC). Here he was denied.

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 EDIT: This video from a comment below is too good to not embed.

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  1. Econ nerd  

    Fascinating... I'd trade my signed copy of Hubbard & O'Brien to hear the full story.

  2. Glenn Hubbard's Music Video

    (Old Bwog would've allowed me to embed the video, so you just have to click on the website link)

  3. Anonymous  

    my optimism is waning. I really wanted to chalk everything off to coincidence, but i'm losing faith.

    it really feels like the president of our university is a power hungry douchebag who is trying to gain full control of every powerful administrator, which will allow him to reshuffle budgets however he sees fit.

    • Guest  

      I'd disagree...I think getting rid of ineffective deans is a pretty solid names. Hubbard is one of those that seems to be in his position only because of his name--sure he was a presidential advisor, but he's a pretty shitty business school dean. Did you know Columbia Business School had a 19% drop in applications this year? That's an absurdly high number, and by far the highest of those in our caliber--the closest drop after that was NYU with 11%. Wharton, which has generally the same finance focus/educational philosophy as CBS, had only a 3%'s obvious that someone is doing something majorly wrong at CBS, and it seems that Hubbard is so busy coming up with harebrained conservative economic policies that he doesn't have time to fix the huge problems with the school he's supposed to be leading.

      • Anonymous

        All business school's applications are going down with the lost of luster of Wall Street, plus it is $120,000 for a useless master's degree.

        • Guest  

          business school is not meant to only be a wall street calling an MBA a "useless masters degree" is just...absurd.

          Also, yes all business schools' app numbers are going down..and yet no one's are going down 19%......

  4. Van Owen

    Prezbo is high on h8teraide...Someone needs to slap that bitch across his whorish mouth.

  5. Anonymous

    Don't worry, if Romney wins, Hubbard will be chosen for the Cabinet.

  6. Guest  

    Sorry, typo in the first line: "names" should be "strategy"

  7. Alum

    Hubbard is the business school's dean, not its president. Individual schools within a university don't have presidents. (Barnard and TC do because they are separate entities and not owned by the university.)

  8. Anonymous

    Vikram Pandit, who just resigned as CEO of Citigroup, would probably be appointed CBS dean if Hubbard joined a Romney Administration

  9. hmmmm  

    still doesn't explain why columbia had a greater drop than other business schools

  10. Anonymous

    Avenge GOP appointees Sandy Burton, Martin Anderson, Emmanuel Savas and Diane Ravitch by denying pensions to Mickey Soviet and his 1968 Trots who fabricated the riots as a power grab!

  11. Anonymous

    Proves Prez Bo is a hack. Clearly this stems from Bollinger's blatant liberal bias. Liberals are by far the most intolerant people in the country; hence, Prez Bo has not failed to disappoint. In fact, I'm sure Premier Bollinger would not be opposed to sending Mr. Hubbard to Siberia if that were an option. Columbia has the least diverse faculty out of all universities that matter. Thankfully, the CBS faculty prevented Columbia from turning fully Red by standing against the Premier's tyranny. This is third-world regime crap, and I'm sick of it. Stand up to Columbia. Give me liberty.

  12. CC'14!  

    Best video on youtube!

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