Feel Better (About Yourself)

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It won’t hurt, we promise.

In keeping with Bwog’s benevolent and altruistic nature, we would like to encourage you to stay healthy and help others stay healthy as well. Get your free flu shot and do your part in staying alive focused during midterms.  Shots will be administered in various locations throughout campus for the next few weeks, see here for the schedule.

The New York Blood Center is hosting a series of blood drives this fall. Beyond the great excuse warm and fuzzy feelings of superiority to your non-donating friends saving someone’s life, donors will receive a free backpack while supplies last. A pint of blood for a brand new backpack? Bwog thinks it’s worth it.

You must be 17 or older and over a certain height and weight and certainly not a hemophiliac to donate.

Schedule and registration can be found here.

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