Barnard Puts On Its 123rd Birthday (Dancing Bear) Suit Today

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Add like… a lot more candles.

As of today, Millie’s been dancing for 123 years, and she wants you to help her celebrate with free BBQ on Lehman Lawn today from 11:30-1:30. Organized by McAC and sponsored by SGA, Orientation and Activities, and Residential Life, Barnard’s birthday features free (kosher, or non-kosher) BBQ, pins, and bracelets, and not-so-free t-shirts for $10.

This year’s Founder’s Day celebration is also today’s celebratory event leading up to Homecoming, and all members of the Columbia community are encouraged to unite over burgers on the West side of Broadway, or, if that’s not your thing, show those greens who’s boss.

Burning pieces of wax on a baked sugar confection via Wikimedia Commons

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    What was that cryptic as hell tweet about brownstones? Explain yo'selves.

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