Bouncy Houses and Free Food (Enjoy Them in That Order)

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Hopefully Columbia’s bouncy house won’t be this creepy

Tonight’s the night if you’re looking for fun, festivity, and free food. Up first is CCSC’s homecoming carnival at 5 pm, co-hosted by SGA, GSSC, and ESC. Remember those bouncy castles you played on last weekend when you were drunk when you were little? Low Plaza will have one, as well as cotton candy, popcorn, music, and “wuv” (according to CCSC’s Vice President for Student Life, Yanyi Luo).

Then, at 8 pm in 310 Fayerweather, the future Best Buddies chapter at Columbia will host an info meeting with free pizza. The organization pairs volunteers with those with intellectual and developmental disabilities to give them a valuable friendship that enhances their lives, so check it out!

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  1. Anonymous

    Why is this CCSC's homecoming event?

    It's a 4 council event, fully-planned and funded by the 4 councils. Bwog, be a little less biased okay?

  2. Anonymous

    I saw more SEAS council reps there than CC. Get your shit together Bwog.

  3. Anonymous

    Dean Arnold Collery was ousted by Mickey Soviet and Robber Cooper because he wanted to keep Arby's at FBH.

  4. Bora
    SEAS WAS DEFINITELY THERE REPPINNNNN (and Sheila Misheni VP Stu Life of ESC is awesome too)

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