Trapped in the Bathroom

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Bwog just received the distressing news that seven girls are locked in the third floor bathroom at Lerner. We can only hope that they make it out safe and sound as we anxiously await an update.

Update: Our tipster reports: “After 45 stressful minutes, the Lerner bathroom girls were freed, thanks to four public safety officers and two locksmiths!”

Look at those poor devils…

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  1. Kool-Aid Man


  2. Anonymous  

    all are surprisingly photogenic given the circumstances

  3. Anonymous  

    seven girls one

  4. Anonymous  

    how does this even happen?

  5. bright side  

    the most stressful part of being trapped somewhere (ie elevator, etc) is, at least initially, what you'll do if you really have to pee.... so this is pretty ideal.

  6. elizabeth  

    this is why girls go to the bathroom in groups

  7. Anonymous  

    how many girls does it take to open a bathroom door?

  8. CC '13  

    i feel bad for the one or two girls in there that couldn't take a much-needed dump

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