Bwoglines: Excuses Edition

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Residents of Brooklyn are protesting the possible addition of a new homeless shelter in their neighborhood, because they “already have people in our community who are borderline homeless.” (Gawker)

Joe Walsh continued Todd Akin’s unscientific rants yesterday, when he told reporters there is no need for an abortion exception for the life or health of the mother due to “advances in science and technology.” (Politico)

A new study by researchers at Columbia has shown that Facebook political ads are ineffective, with participants barely even remembering they saw the ads. Facebook’s representatives protest, citing the fact that the study did not find the ads’ effects to be “exactly zero.” (TPM)

The CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch is being sued for the insane regulations enacted on his private jet, including firing a pilot who didn’t fit the “‘young’ corporate image.”  Explaining why no one was allowed to put on a winter coat until the temperature reached exactly 50 degrees should be interesting. (Huff Post)

Finally, the president of Cornell University has just been appointed chairman of New York’s horse racing board. Meanwhile, Prezbo continues to head the board overseeing the New York Federal Reserve. There’s just no excuse for that. (NYT)

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  1. Wrong

    The A&F CEO is not being sued; it's the company that's being sued. And the lawsuit is over age discrimination, not "insane regulations."

  2. Anonymous

    Joe Walsh is going to win the heavily gerrymandered 8th district anyway. Deal with it.

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