Bwoglines: Shenanigans Edition

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The nadir of humiliation

For the few, the proud Android lovers, it turns out the upcoming Sony Nexus X was in fact, a hoax. Ti Kawamoto, a graphic artist from Vermont, decided to post the pictures as a product of a 3D modeling exercise. Tech sites soon picked up the story and published it without some fact checking. Oops. (Tech Crunch)

Reverend Phil Snider, a pastor in Springfield, MO, took trolling to a whole new level at a Springfield City Council public hearing. Brian Collins said it best, ” Boom goes the dynamite.” Watch the whole video for the best result. (Gawker)

China is going at it again with its neighbors. Tensions are high after the Chinese Navy conducted a naval drill in the East China Sea. Japan is not fazed with Chinese intimidation tactics. (The Christian Science Monitor)

A recent study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded boys in the US are reaching puberty six months to two years earlier than a few decades ago. There has never been a better time to talk about nature with your children.  (Medical News Today)

Remnants of childhood via Wikimedia Commons

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