Bwoglines: Middle School Edition

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Ah Middle School, a time for oily skin and braced smiles.

Natural gas has recently boomed as an energy source, but the discrepancy between the American consumer’s environmental and cost benefit and the natural gas companies’ massive losses has caused the fuel’s profitability to be questioned. [Insert 12-year-old boy inspired flatulation joke here] (NYT)

Ellen Degeneres is to receive the Mark Twain Award for American Humor and continues to inspire prepubescent boys’ hairstyles across the globe. (Washington Post)

According to a recent study, 69% of online consumers will buy a product they find on Pinterest. Thought you’d conditioned yourself to handle the proverbial number maturely, but you can’t resist your mind’s middle school gears from turning. (The Drum)

In our youth these adult halloween costumes would have seemed hilarious. Now the phallic puns  only evoke a certain sense of impending doom for mankind. (Buzzfeed)

The best time in everyone’s lives via Wikimedia Commons


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