Know Your Columbia Movie Trivia

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Double Exposure, Columbia’s undergraduate film journal, has made this amazing montage from movies shot at Columbia as a part of a contest they’re running:

The rules of the contest, from Double Exposure’s blog:

“Whoever can name the most films that appear in the video without listing any that don’t appear (so no, you can’t just copy and paste the wikiCU list of movies shot here, which is incomplete anyway) will win a Columbia-related DVD of their choice! Email your list to by Friday, November 2nd for a chance to win!”

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  1. Anon  

    1:40, that is Boston College not Columbia. Dumb editor....

  2. Anonymous  

    if only columbia were actually like that..

  3. Anonymous  

    that was pretty frickin sweet. i'm gonna start sitting on the edges of the fountains in hopes that some guy comes up and says hi. also, sweet song.

  4. Anonymous

    What was the movie that was filming here last week in front of math?

  5. Anonymous

    I didn't see Anger Management (unless that was 1:50)...?

  6. Anonymous  

    ahhhh fatal typo at the end of the video :(

  7. Babs fan  

    Where was The Mirror Has Two Faces? Or Up the Sandbox? Glaring omissions. Barbra Streisand is not pleased.

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