NYPD on Barnard’s Campus

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Public Safety is blocking off access to the Barnard Hall annex, and NYPD detectives are inside the building. Bwog understands that the building is full of dance studios and classroom space. Barnard’s Director of Media Relations, Sun Min, told Bwog that she cannot comment on the ongoing investigation. We’ll update as the story develops.

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  1. Anonymous

    "Bwog understand that the building is full of dance studios and classroom space."

    You forgot the pool.

  2. Anonymous

    Pool's cool, don't know what's happening upstairs...

  3. Twitch  

    NYPD is around? All Barnard dancers should lose their housing.

  4. Anonymous  

    there's actually something serious happening, bwog please keep us posted on anything you find out!

  5. Van Owen  

    The busted a Barnard student for counterfeiting Columbia University diplomas!!!

  6. Anonymous

    1. Why is it that Public Safety is never actually able to handle anything? It seems like we pay them to call the NYPD for us. Public Safety has got to be the stupidest collection of individuals on the Upper West Side.

    2. What's with all this "not commenting" crap? At least Sun Min gets to feel important for once in her life.

  7. anon

    What happened? Any updates Bwog?

  8. No update, Bwog?  

    Just leave us hanging, that's cool too.

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