Schermerhorn Flooding

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Tipsters have reported that there is significant leak in a computer lab on the 5th floor of Schermerhorn Hall. Computers had to be moved and trash cans were used to retain the water. One writes that “it looked like a pipe had broken on one of the top floors of the building. There was so much water in the hallway that the ceiling fell in at one spot and the floor was covered with yellowish water.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    There's a computer lab on the 5th floor of Schermerhorn??

  2. Anonymous  

    The second photo says not to walk... so am I to assume that there is so much water that you have to swim? Thank goodness for the swimming requirement. Really comes in handy when buildings start leaking.

  3. Anonymous  

    where's the picture of the broken ceiling??
    (also, in the tags, it should be "ark", not "arc". former is a big ass boat, latter includes parabolas, that thing in st. louis)

  4. Anonymous  

    OH no someone save my department! DEES <3

  5. Anonymous  

    Bwog can you tell me where I can get dinner for free isnt that your job

  6. The Dark Hand  

    they should clean it up with copies of Spec

  7. Anonymous

    Whne the psych library was there, the books were always wet

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