Students Stand in Solidarity with Indus Valley Workers

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Last week saw the triumphant victory of UAW Local 2110. Bwog’s Resourceful Barnard Bureau Roberta Barnett now reports on a development.

Following the success of the “Students Support Barnard Workers” campaign, the organization has moved on to its next task.  The group will now fight alongside former workers of Indus Valley in their quest to recover their unpaid wages, tips, and overtime.  

The case against Indus Valley involves twelve food delivery workers and dishwashers who worked at the restaurant between 2006 and 2012.   Workers at the Broadway restaurant were being underpaid, receiving wages of $3-$4 per hour, and are collectively owed $500,000 in unpaid wages.  “The managers and owners of the restaurant weren’t giving them overtime, tips, or even minimum wage on the hours they did work,” said Evan Burger, CC ’13, a lead organizer of the campaign.

The workers got together and contacted a law firm to take their case against the owners of the restaurant, Phuman and Billa Singh.  Although the case is now in court, the brothers are using every tactic possible to slow down the lawsuit.

In light of the campaign adaptation, the group voted on Tuesday to change its name to “Student-Worker Solidarity.”  The organization now purposes itself with fighting for economic justice in the surrounding area.  “Our campaign as students fighting alongside the workers is two-pronged: to raise awareness of this injustice, and to put immense pressure on the Singh brothers personally to pay their workers,” Burger said.

Not to ruin the element of surprise, the group plans to announce its tactics in the coming weeks.  Next week, the group plans to leaflet outside of Indus Valley (stay tuned!).  Anyone interested in participating or getting more information can contact Evan Burger or like Student-Worker Solidarity on Facebook.

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