The Fierce Battle of Giving Day

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Today marks the Columbia Alumni Association’s Columbia Giving Day, an online fundraising event with cute videos on its own YouTube channel. So far the stats show some interesting trends, as SEAS leads the “Main Match Challenge,” Athletics is its own school, and the School of Continuing Education leads in percentage participation. Here’s the top 10 list in the Main Match Challenge. Fight on, alumni.

Update: Athletics has stolen the lead, with CC close behind and SEAS trailing in third place!

Update 2: As of 6 pm, CC has overtaken Athletics. SEAS remains in third!

Update 3: As of 8 pm, Athletics is back in the lead, followed by CC and SEAS.

Update 4:As of 8:45 pm, CC and Athletics are jockeying back and forth!

Update 5: Final rankings: CC, Athletics, SEAS. In total, Columbia raised nearly $7 million. Spec made a nice chart showing where the money came from.

Screenshot via Columbia Giving Day

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  1. Anonymous  

    Might one consider this an indication of which schools lead to the highest income?

  2. Anonymous  

    GS should organize some intramurals. If Athletics can raise this much money in spite of a lifetime of shittiness...all Peter Awn has to do is win one field hockey game and we'll make millions

  3. SEAS '13  

    You spent my $50,000 worth of tuition all in one place *again*, Columbia? Honestly...

  4. Truth  

    I think we need more new faculty, better classrooms, and healthier living conditions for all before we hire a better football coach or send the Fencing team around the world. Athletics should donate its share to a cause more central to the mission of the university. Sorry not sorry.

  5. just a thought  

    People who care about athletics probably have more school spirit, and vice versa.

  6. MD  

    where is Barnard on this list? Oh right it isn't because it's not part of columbia

  7. Real  

    If you donate a single penny to this fund, you're a fucking retard.

  8. Anonymous

    You have to realize "athletics" are mostly CC donors.

  9. Have any BWOG readers actually ever  

    fucked in the stacks? Just curious.

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