Bwoglines: Surprise Edition

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Economic growth this quarter was expected to increase from 1.3% to 1.9%. Instead, it increased to 2%! Although economists believe a steady 2.5% increase is needed to make a dent in unemployment, at least we’re well on our way. Good job on exceeding expectations, economy! (Reuters)

Glenn Michael Gordon, one of the people who makes you go to University Writing, has written an article on the difficulty of being married under the state government but not the federal one. A UWriting professor writing an essay instead of forcing you to write one? Now there’s something you don’t see every day. (Huff Post)

A new article compares the Obama/Romney campaign to the Bush/Kerry campaign…but who’s who may surprise you. (CSM)

A former Republican governor backing Mitt Romney accused Colin Powell of supporting Obama based on race rather than the issues. Actually, that’s not very shocking.

Hurricane Sandy is coming, so don’t be startled if you see a giant cloud of sand heading towards you. You should probably still get out of the way, though. (NYT Blog)

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  1. The Cloaked Ginger  

    I am surprised that you don't cover the real news, like the Gangnum style of the Barnard Bear, which has important implications for the identities of Barnard students and the administration. Don't be so high and mighty wiht your stuffy discussion of politics that won't mean a crap to teh people actually making a decision and instead focuse onthe need for humanity to laugh and dance in these troubled times

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