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Dear Santa…

Tired of trekking to Absolute Bagels for some mouthwatering pumpernickel bagels? Blackjet now offers private jet-pooling for those with deep pockets. You still need an invite code to join, but a cross-country round trip flight will set you back $7,000. (Wired)

Bwog would like to remind classy people and hipsters alike that the iPad mini comes in black. Remember to tack on the price for prosthetic arms and legs to the $329 price tag. Welcome to the 7-inch club, Apple. (Apple)

Tibetans decided throwing tea in a harbor was not their style. Rather, they set themselves on fire in protest of China’s iron rule over their land. The self-immolation of Tsewang Kyab marks the fifth protest suicide of the week. Kids, stick to banners and signs. (Huffington Post)

When faced with divorce, Dean Weeks decided rigging his ex-wife’s dryer to explode was the solution. The explosion burned his wife’s legs, but more importantly, blew her dog out of the second-story window. Later reports confirm the dog is indeed okay. (Gawker)

Alternative transportation via Wikimedia Commons

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