Overheard: The Aftermath

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Now that the weather (and your Halloween costume) are back under wraps, Bwog is here to cheer you up with some enticing post-hurricane overheards.

Questions of life outside Ricky’s:
Someone who clearly doesn’t dye their own hair: “Is this place just open for Halloween?”

Planning for Halloweekend in a hurricane:
Girl: “For Halloween, I’ll be emotional!”
Guy: “No you won’t. You’ll be drunk.”

Preparing for the worst:
Girl: “Wait, you don’t have any supplies?”
Guy: “What do you think these vending machines are for?”

Bwog would also like to remind everyone to check out NYC’s volunteer website and help your friends at NYU find places to live. And whether you’re stuck in Morningside Heights for the long weekend or attempting escape, have a great (and safe) fall break!

Good old-fashioned eavesdropping via Shutterstock.

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  1. Anon

    Who can we talk to about starting a petition to extend the number of days a guest can stay with a guest pass? With a 5 day maximum, that leaves them getting kicked out on Sunday.

    • Van Owen

      If anyone knows any female NYU students in need of a place to stay let me know?Their stay will be contingent upon regular dome work, natty retrievals, and sammy sessions. Oh, Barnard freaks may apply, as well. Please, no fatties.

  2. McLala  

    ...straight from "The MLIB Handbook: Sandy Edition".

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