Spring Scheduling is Upon Us

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Ah, fall break, that wonderful time of year when we get to relax, exercise our voting rights, and are expected to register for spring classes before we even know how we did on that calculus midterm. But have no fear, Bwog is here to help with a handy list of links.

1) The Scheduling App
Pros: This bad boy will do it all for you. With a full list of classes from the course catalog and the ability to arrange them chronologically, it’s a marvel of modern technology.
Cons: Not actually working for the spring semester yet. (UPDATE: Now it is.)

2) Culpa Gold Nuggets
Pros: Being able to figure out which classes have take-home finals.
Cons: If you didn’t already use Culpa for this semester, you’ve probably transferred by now.

3) New Courses for Spring
Pros: The latest and greatest Columbia has to offer.
Cons: Untested by the winds of time.

Go forth and schedule!

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  1. CC 14  

    Since the world will have already ended by next semester I don't think I'm going to bother registering.

  2. Anonymous

    Can someone tell me when English dept seminar applications are due?

  3. Anonymouse


    ... how else am I supposed to procrastinate the inhuman amounts of work you gave me over break?

  4. Wait...

    When does registration start? Columbia sometimes I feel like I don't even know you.

  5. Anonymous

    does anyone know if that new econ course counts as an elective towards the major?

  6. From the economics bulletin  

    Economics electives (15 points)

    A minimum of five electives, of which no more than one may be taken at the 2000 level (including Barnard courses).

    So if you haven't taken a level 2000 elective in the years past you're good.

  7. Barnard '15

    Does Barnard have their own online blog?

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