Breaking with the Core

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It’s fall break (or a 12-day weekend if you “couldn’t get to class” this past Wednesday and Thursday)!  We’re sure you’re under your covers somewhere adventurous and, being a Columbia student, you took your Core books with you.  Send a picture of your Core reading wherever you ended up to for our new feature, Breaking with the Core.

First up, Herodotus explores the great cotton fields of North Carolina:

do you think it reminds him of the fields of greece?

What are open fields?

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  1. Anonymous  

    ....if you “couldn’t get to class” this past Wednesday and Thursday

    Many Columbia students don't live on or near campus Bwog. Is this blog just meant for CC/SEAS students?

  2. Anonymous  

    I have no idea what you're trying to say in the first part because it makes no sense, but this blog is meant for CC/SEAS/GS and especially Barnard students!


  3. BSGS  

    Yes, let me take a picture of your dumb core books in my flooded basement. I couldn't make it to class at all last week.

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