College Talks: The Presidential Election

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In Bwog’s super high-tech new feature College Talks, we find out what your classmates/randos frolicking on Low Steps have to say about stuff. Check out our inaugural installment below:

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  1. Barnard '13

    Mitt Romney. Yes, I voted for him.

  2. Anonymous  

    So sad. The saddest part is that they probably voted for him.

    • Anonymous  

      Reconciling the individual mandate with the Constitution? Helping for-profit insurers put up barriers towards a modern single-payer system? Listen; these are complicated things that only third party nerds want to understand. Obama is a hip black guy who talks about hope and change, so stop being some sort of democracy idealist and just trust him already.

  3. Anonymous  

    if there's anything the CORE teaches us, its how to bullshit on topics we know nothing about. cmon guys, we can do better...

  4. Alumnus


    What the hell is this? If I ever teach any of you kids, you are going to fail.

  5. Anonymous  

    where did the red go?

  6. CC '16

    ╔══════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ══════════════╗
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    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful strong black woman ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ who don’t need Obama ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ╚══════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ══════════════╝

  7. shrinking violet  

    To be fair, we are all busy studying, too busy to know much about Obamacare. We just blindly vote for any democratic in office and say "Republicans are evil, so evil!"
    Honestly, if you think about it, Columbia University isn't any more politically diverse than southern Oklahoma, every just is more hip and therefore feels better about themselves.

    • Seriously?  

      "too busy studying" is not a good excuse for why knowing nothing about a piece of legislation that will extend coverage to 30 million more Americans.

      • shrinking violet  

        Well, too bad, seriously?, your fellow students seem to think so. Even on this site, they are too busy remarking that the girl in the thumbnail is cute and don't really care about any of this obamacare stuff. In response, I shall plan to build some nice houses in other countries and leave when America implodes because people who don't know what obamacare is and think that hot girls are more important than state issues are running America. I don't give a fuck because there are no fucks left within me to give.

  8. anonymous

    i didn't vote because i'm not a rich white male who owns land.

  9. To the girl in the thumbnail  

    You're cute.

  10. Anonymous  

    Obamacare = Not like the Panopticon at all.

  11. How did you trick people into this?  

    Bwog, this is transparent and foolish.

  12. Choppa  

    The girl in the thumbnail.......mmmmmmmmm

  13. Obama

    I am officially the President for the 2nd term.
    Thank you everyone!

  14. wow  

    I know this was an ambush kinda thing, but really? Even at a place as highly educated as this, only two or three people knew very vague details about what Obamacare is? It extends healthcare to 50 million people, allows people with pre-existing conditions to get coverage, allows people to stay on their parents' health insurance up to the age of 26 (I'm looking at you, Columbians!), and imposes a tax on those who don't buy a health insurance plan within a few years. Swear to God I Googled none of that.

    • SEAS '14  

      Nobody thumb uped you because nobody knows that you're right. "The girl in the thumbnail is hot", now that only takes a few moments to verify, so it's easy to vote on. I mean, I can understand why people wouldn't know the detail of specifically how it's implemented, but at the very least you should know that it is a law which causes more people to get health insurance.

  15. not the dark hand  

    something must be done about the wind

  16. Anonymous

    It's like how Leno used to do jaywalking!!! We should call this bwogwalking...


    If you plan to live to old age in that country, better pick a country with universal health care. Oh, wait... you think Universal Health Care = ruined.

    Hurry up while you can, they aren't making more land in Afghanistan...


      ^ That was meant for Shrinking Violet up there.

      • shrinking violet  

        Thanks so much bro, if you read my comment you would realize that it's not universal healthcare i am indisposed too, it's Columbia students who don't know much about healthcare or other aspects of politics then proceed to loudly impose their view upon others. Furthermore, if the blissful lack of knowledge indicated by these people is any indication of how informed the youth are, then I better get out while the getting is good. In another country, I would have to pay healthcare expenses out of pocket, but healthcare would be less expensive because insurance makes healthcare more profitable and in some ways, raises costs for everyone. And thanks for the list, but no thanks, with Spain's youth unemployment rate way too high, the Euro holding European countries in only a fragile peace and increased racism against foreigners in Germany, Italy, Russia an England, I have no desire to get screwed as I predict Europe will be in the next 50 years, universal healthcare or not.

  18. Yeah  

    My hope is that this was a small subset of the people that were interviewed, edited to make them sound as uninformed as possible.
    If this group represents every person you spoke with and thus an at least semi-random sampling of college-walkers, that's something to note.

  19. Anonymous

    What I wouldn't do to the girl in the thumbnail...

  20. Anonymous

    Yes, it's an embarrassing video. BUT STILL:

    You're asking students at Columbia about a medical insurance program. These are people who are required to be covered as students at Columbia. It's likely that this isn't an issue that matters all that much to them. That doesn't mean that they're completely uneducated voters. But it probably means that health care probably isn't as intense an issue as it would be for others. If you asked them about marriage equality, women's rights, or other social issues you might find that there are plenty of things that they can articulate more clearly.

    Anyway you can pick your key issues. Just because Obamacare isn't one of them doesn't mean they're not informed enough to vote.

  21. Optional

    great video! very informative.

    Columbia stop pretending and start reading.

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