Don’t Become an Icicle

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If you climb the lion tonight, make sure there’s not ice on the pedestal.

Due to the snow that has fallen upon Columbia, CU Public Safety sent out a text that the Morningside evening shuttle service has been suspended. Also, Columbia University Facilities sent out an email saying that the gates near Chapel, Earl Hall, and CEPSR might not be open before 10 am tomorrow morning. Stay warm and safe, Columbia, and send your snow shenanigans to

Dear Fellow Members of the Columbia Community,

As snow accumulates this evening, the Emergency Management Operations Team continues to monitor conditions. The University is taking the following preventive measures:

  • The Morningside evening shuttle has been suspended due to hazardous road conditions.
  • Gate closures may go into effect for snow removal.
For Thursday morning we plan to have the following Morningside gates open:
  • The Main Gates on Broadway and Amsterdam at 116th Street
  • John Jay
  • Carman Hall
  • Lerner
The following gates may not be open before 10:00 am Thursday:
  • Chapel
  • Earl Hall

The safety of our students and campus community is paramount. Columbia University Facilities will be available to assist you with campus and building services. To contact the Facilities Services Center, call (212) 854-2222. The Hartley Hospitality Desk will also be open, at (212) 854-2779.

To report an emergency on campus please call Public Safety at (212) 854-5555. For medical or off-campus emergencies, please call 911.

For more information on storm preparedness for yourself and your family, please visit:

We will continue to update the Columbia homepage,  The Columbia University Medical Center homepage,, will also be updated.


Joe Ienuso
Executive Vice President
Columbia University Facilities

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  1. behind in my studies

    So I definitely got excited when I saw the text because I thought classes were being canceled. Oh well...

  2. anonymous

    between the hurricane and the election i've only had 2 days of class over the last two weeks and haven't gone to either of them. considering just taking the rest of november off.

  3. Anonymous  

    Given the recent obsession with Nate Silver, anyone want to predict the odds of us not having classes tomorrow?

    • Anonymous  

      Lol...even if Columbia was thinking of giving us the time off (which i doing they were)...because of the days we missed last week...theyre not going to even thinking of it unless we get the snowstorm of the century....but i wisr they would

    • Lee Bollinger  

      I predict 100% odds of you going to class, bitch. If you want a caring community go find it during winter break.

  4. He Who Must Not Be Named  

    Since when does snow "fall upon" stuff?

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