Election Night at Columbia: Cold, Close, (Generally) Celebratory

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Half of the nation cheered for victory, while the other half sighed in defeat. It was approximately quarter past eleven last night, and networks predicted Obama had won the election as Ohio swung left. On our own campus, cheers erupted at the CPU’s viewing on the steps of Low. Anybody living under a rock or trying to catch some early sleep could conjecture the results, for individual floor viewings also broke the silent anticipation and brave Obama supporters celebrated with victory laps around campus. Tipsters captured the moment:

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  1. CC '14  

    This event was put on by the Columbia Political Union, Bwog!

  2. Johnathan  

    stealing the one of me for facebook kthanxbai

  3. Anonymous

    Congratulations, President Obama, CC '83.

  4. Van Owen

    I love Obama, but maybe next time he'll speak at a CC graduation. Fuck you don't even go here.

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