Bwoglines: Career Advice Edition

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If you want to be president, remember that politicians are people too, and follow Obama’s example. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a different political position, learn from Chris Christie and try not to snub the candidate you actually campaigned for. (Huff Post)

If you want to be a human rights activist, your career options just narrowed significantly – China will absolutely not let you into Tibet. (Reuters)

If you want to work in religion, but also want to be rich, you should probably move to England. Their newest Archbishop of Canterbury is a former oil executive. (NYT)

And last but not least, if you want to go into the military, remember not to sell military secrets by working for a videogame company. (Chicago Tribune)

Survival of the cutest via Shutterstock.

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    Why are Barnard girls such floozies?

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