Costume Contest Winners

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The people(and by people we mean we) have spoken, and winners of Bwog’s Halloween Costume Contest are finally here:

Drum roll please………..


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  1. Honey Boo Boo lover  

    This is nonsense. Honey Boo Boo should've TAKEN IT ALL.

  2. Anonymous  

    not a fan of these costumes.
    the first one is ok, i guess.

  3. Birva Patel  

    Ugh....typical for cis-gendered Columbia scum to disinclude me from the contest, let alone use it as joke that my sensuous ethnicity is not meriting of neither a place at the university nor in the costume contest. The racist and patriarchal agenda of poltroons propagated by this newspaper and the university by extension is far out of control...I motion for an official inquiry starting with the Spec's offices.

    It's like your privileged existences keep you from seeing the real picture. You sit in your homes, eating spaghetti and reading racist pamphlets, destroying statues of Shiva the Destroyer and this is the last step. Well I've had it...expect me back on campus, following you around and hiding in bushes starting tomorrow.

  4. Wait....

    Are these judges also on the Brownstone Committee? Cuz that'd explain a hell of a lot.

  5. GS '56  

    Q Why didnt the spec._sucks costume win? A Because there is more incest between bwog and spec then in an Alabama family

  6. MD  

    I would totally bang the chick in the instagram. Both of them. At the same time. Anyway, I gotta go back to my investment banking job. PEACE OUT.

  7. WHY

    the need for the belly dancer costume? really? a holiday where women are already objectified and bwog feels the need to throw in a naked woman just for shits and giggles? fuck is wrong with you bwog? guess you've been smoking that BWONG too much.... bitch


    Hmm, first place, two white chicks. Second place, two white chicks and the "oh we're not racist" black chick. Third place Ku Klux Klan costume. Finally we get the "belly dancer" ethnic woman.

    Great equal opportunity costume you have here. Where are all the fat nerds dressed as storm troopers, or that one kid who spent 30 hours on his costume. Oh wait, they were minorities. BWOG has been slowly degenerating into a conservative white hate group.

  9. Barnard student '13  

    Oh sure let's just go mock the poor dumb little girl from Georgia! 'Cause that's fine isn't it! It's not like she has a horrible life and is probably going to die at 17! Privileged scum, all of you

  10. Anonymous  

    What do they even win?

  11. Anonymous

    you chose a ghost over slutty Alma?

  12. BC'15  

    If I'm not mistaken, you are actually a part of this "privileged bubble". Trolling Bwog isn't going to stop the problem.

  13. Anonymous  

    da fuck is happening in this comments section...?

  14. Ace  

    Yo, Barnard students, get a room. Bwog is not the place for your lover's spat.

  15. I'm actually the belly dancer/ person in the last pic. I got the costume from another country. It was a gift from a great friend who is in the army in Iraq. So before talking smack. Make sure you even know what you are talking about "objectified"....stop playing victim. Shit gets old. KTHNX.


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