Overseen: The Writing on the Sidewalk

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So some intrepid students chalked “SAVETHEARTSINIATIVE.ORG” in front of Miller Theatre, choosing that spot because CUArts and Miller were brought under the same roof, some say to the detriment of both. The concerned citizens chalked the URL of a petition addressing the recent—and according to the signees, devastating—cuts to CUArts.

In front of Miller Theatre

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  1. CC '13  

    I love it! The admins need to feel some heat!

    • BC '13

      Good thinking! Maybe we can write "LOWER THE TUITION" in front of Lerner! You know, put some pressure on the Administration. These Soviet-style bureaucrats are out of control and listen to no one. idiot.

  2. anon  

    Good idea. No one really goes to Prentis anyways.

  3. Q  

    These are repeat offenders. Keep an eye out for more.

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