Overheard: Missed Cues

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Forget the bases. Go all the way.

A tipster overheard this conversation at the 115th and Amsterdam halal cart around 2 AM:

Girl: “Do you believe in leprechauns?”

Guy: “Well, it depends on your definition. What makes a leprechaun?”

Our overly-analytical or completely clueless friend certainly did not find any gold that night.

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  1. What  

    There is no 115th and Amsterdam halal cart. There is a 115th and Broadway one. There is a 114th and Amsterdam one. There are two, depending on the time of day, at 116th and Amsterdam. Get your facts straight.

  2. Because Clearly  

    “Do you believe in leprechauns?” is a euphemism for "bend me over, mount me and fill me up with your sex"

  3. shrinking violet  

    What? So that's why all the guys look at me weird when I tell my funny leprechaun stories?

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