Commotion on College Walk

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College walk has been taken over by Israeli and Palestinian supporters.

The Israeli group is standing on the Butler side, wielding Israeli flags and signs.

The Palestinian side is standing in front of Low, holding up flags, signs, and yelling names of civilian casualties.

Both groups are standing their ground and handing out flyers. The commotion has caught the attention of many tourists who are standing between the groups and taking pictures.

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  1. The Dark Hand  

    I tried walking through and was quickly removed by a security guard. we at specsucks will not stand for this oppression and the suppression of our freedom of speech, and constitutional right to peacably assemble. it is an outrage!

  2. Anonymous

    Just like the Montejews and the Capulets.

  3. Punny but Questionable

    "Now A Warzone"?

  4. Anonymous  

    What's the point of protesting Israel or Palestine on campus? Shouldn't they go to UN?

  5. Come on

    Poor choice of words for the headline

  6. CC 14  

    Where were they for the past 18 months when Syrians were murdering their own, or when the Taliban was killing girls for going to school, or the Saudis for girls going out without a male member of the family, or in Egypt when they were killing girls in "honor killings" or genitally mutilating them. Not to mention the mass murder of Coptic Christians. Then of course it would be to much to ask where were they when the Itamar family was butchered by knife including a few month old baby.

  7. Anonymous

    And with one terrible headline, Bwog manages to offend both sides of the deepest conflict in modern times without taking a side. Nice.

    • Anonymouse  

      Its a stupid conflict it deserves to be made fun of

    • Anonymous

      FYI for all the haterz, it originally said "college walk is now a war zone."

      • Wake up!

        It is quite despairing to see that at a university where political activism and indignation have always held a central position, the student body today has become numb and apathetic. This is reflected in Bwog's headlines: "Commotion on College Walk" and "College Walk is now a war zone" - since when have demonstrating and expressing a plurality of voices become an abnormality? We are the youth, the vigor, the intellects of this world, we should be constantly keeping our politicians on their edge, challenging the status quo, standing up for humanity and the oppressed.

    • Anonymous

      Why are all the other countries in the world normal except for the mid east. Too many uncompromizing hot heads.

    • Anonymous  

      - Mom! Palestine hit me!
      - Don't hit your brother, Palestine.
      - Ow Mom, Israel kicked me with shoes on!
      - Honey no kicking! Shoes hurt!
      - MOMMM Palestine said that I never should have been born.
      - Well, you shouldn't have!
      - Well, I'm here now you buttface deal with it.
      - Jesus christ give me strength why did I have kids.

      AND SO ON.

  8. Anonymous  

    This whole Robert/Michael and Kristine thing is totally out of control. When will the pee bottles start flying?

  9. Anonymous  

    Great example of how we have lots of diversity yet too little willingness to dialogue. Shame on both groups for replicating exactly what we see in the Middle East right now.

  10. Anonymous

    Where's Edward Said when we need him?

  11. What about  

    Israeli-Palestinian conflict muffins?

  12. The Ban Captain  

    If only I could ban everyone involved in the conflict but my admin privilege hasn't been checked that high yet

  13. Ronald Reagan  

    Israel exists; it has a right to exist in peace behind secure and defensible borders; and it has a right to demand of its neighbors that they recognize those facts.

    • Anonymous  

      So does Palestine.

      • Anonymous  

        Above all, we must realize that no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today's world do not have. It is a weapon that we as Americans do have. Let that be understood by those who practice terrorism and prey upon their neighbors.

        • Anonymous

          The Israeli and Arab grandmothers are ready for peace. Remember how in Ireland the old grannies started beating the paramilitaries with their handbags until they stopped? Jews got along better with Muslims than Christians for over a millenium, just ask Benjamni of Tudelo

      • Anonymous

        Palestine is not a state. Look at a map and you will not see any country labeled Palestine, because it does not exist as such an entity. The territory claimed/ruled/occupied by the Palestinian Authority is not recognized as a country by the UN. Palestinians do have a right to live in peace.

    • Anonymous

      Then why are they building settlements on other people's land, then wondering why people are mad at them?

      • Anonymous

        Other's people's land? The Arabs invaded from the desert on horseback in the seventh century. Jews were there long before them. EVen Constantine recognized Patriarch Gemaliel IV (please tell this to Hellen Thomas).

    • Anonymous

      That Isreal exists is a fact, but to presuppose that it, as a state established by outside forces, has a right to greater than or equal to that of any Palestinian state is exactly the problem.

      • lol  

        actually every clause of your comment is incorrect. Israel was created and declared by its people. It was, along with Palestine, proposed as a modern state by the UN but the latter did not set itself up. Israel's right to exist is certainly equal to any Palestinian state and one could argue moreso just by virtue of the fact that it already does exist. There's no overarching power that grants states a right to existence.

        • Anonymous

          You do realize that this presupposes that the UN had the authority to partition/create any state there and that the land did not belong to its native people?

          • lol  

            nope, it presupposes that the Israeli state and the Palestinian state came from the same plan. The southern Levant was an underpopulated backwater until the late 19th century, when both Arabs and Jews started moving there in large numbers. If Palestinians want any respect for their attachment to the land, they'll have to recognize that Jews have one too, as the latter already have for them. When we're forgetting in this whole thing is that Hamas, like SJP is a radical and inconsequential faction. The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank has come closer and closer to a paradigm of compromise.

  14. Golda Meir  

    We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.

    • Anonymous

      is that a joke? I actually can't tell...

    • CC 14

      That is the most insufferable thing I've ever heard.


      Please stop using Hamas killing their people or using them as using them as human shields as an excuse to justify the massacre taking place in Gaza right now. This does not give Israel the green light to ethnically cleanse the gazans

      • exfoliating clense  

        correct. but this is also true of the Israeli children who are being killed or inflicted with PTSD (50 percent of the population) due to rockets from Gaza, as well as all those Israelis (Jewish, Arab, and so on) who would be killed if not for Iron Dome. While we're at it, can you PLEASE STOP using ethnic cleansing to mask a conflict between two countries? those hamas rockets are targeting Arabs too. and the casualties from Israel's operation would include Jews if their existence would be tolerated in the first place

      • Anonymous

        Sharansky and Netanyahu are the best friends the Palestinian children have. They know that if they get sewers, water, schools and hospitals, the conflict will end. That is why the Putin-Ahmadinejad-Assad axis wants to make sure they destroy thei rown homes and always live in shanties ready to blow themselves up just to keep up the price of oil. Now Columbia invented fracking to separate uranium and gasify coal in WW2, but Putin coaxed affected useful idiots in Columbia magazine to denounce it.

  15. Benjamin Netanyahu  

    Here is a simple truth: If our enemies lay down their arms, there will be no more war. But if Israel lays down its arms, there will be no more Israel. For the crux of the conflict is their desire to destroy us.

  16. At a bakery in Jerusalem...

    a sign read, "peace in the middle yeast!"

  17. Israeli, NOT Zionist  

    The "Israeli supporters" are NOT Israeli, the are American, and only have a connection to Israel because they say they do. Also, they "stand" while the Palestinian supporters "occupy"? Way to be objective.

    As an Israeli, whose grandparents fled Poland in WWII and whose mother served in the IDF, it is EMBARRASSING for me to to see these horrible zionists who think they represent the people of Israel.
    Zionism is Racism and Apartheid.
    Judaism is not Zionism.
    Israeli is not Zionist.

  18. anon  

    considering the bricks on college walk, we should call it the "Gaza Trip" am I right guys?

  19. anon  

    why conflate different things as one big monolithic issue? it's quite insensitive and intellectually flabby

  20. Less Rhetoric, More dialogue  

    Shouting slogans like "Israel is a terrorist state" or "Hamas hates us more than they love their children", both patently false as any objective observer would be quick to note, does nothing to further the cause of peace in the region. There are clear misunderstandings between the closed minded supporters of both sides which have become the most likely to voice their opinions. There is a silent majority whose voices are being drowned by a radical few carrying flags and hand-waving. They are the ones who think occupation and blockade are wrong but so is the firing of missiles at civilian towns. They are the ones who think air strikes against civilian buildings are wrong but so is setting up military bases at civilian sites. They are the ones who need to speak louder to end the illegal occupation of Palestine and end the terrorist attacks on Israeli villages.


    PLEASE STOP using Hamas killing palestinians or using them as "human shields" as an excuse to justify the massacre that the israeli govt is committing in gaza. This is no excuse to murder children or any innocent civilian

  22. Tangential  

    how about the sexy pharmacist in the yarmulke at Duane Reade... amirite?

  23. Anonymouse  

    Just remember you don't see video's like this coming out of Israel..

  24. Anonymous

    What do you call a state that:
    - Has different citizenship laws and grants differing privileges to citizens based on their religion.
    - Can't do basic math. 130+ people does not equal 3.
    - Claims to not be killing civilians (although clearly some people didn't get the propaganda memo and actually express openly that they want to wipe Palestinians off the globe) yet, despite holding one of the most technologically advanced and well-funded armies in the world has managed to 'inadvertently' killed 75%+ civilians, women and children
    - Continues to pursue illegal settlements (classified by the UN, international community including US) and building JEW-ONLY roads, neighborhoods, shopping centers, buildings, etc.
    - Claims to be a democracy yet explicitly defines itself as a Jewish state, giving express privileges to those who happen to be Jewish as opposed to the people who actually have been living on the land for the past 1000 years.

    Sounds very kin to apartheid to me. Not to mention that Israel advocated for free elections in Gaza...they got them. Regardless of whether we may disagree with Hamas and the actions it pursues (certainly, as a gay male, I definitely do) they are a legitimately elected government. Whether they are actually representing the true interests of their citizens is another question in and of itself.

    And although not a member of SJP, its quite clear to me that any claims of LionPAC to reach out to SJP are patently absurd. LionPAC has no interest in actual dialog. "Reaching out" to SJP merely constitutes a theatrical attempt to paint the Israeli narrative as one of peace when any sort of dialogue with an apartheid and genocide affirming organization would signify concession from SJP.

  25. The light hand helper  

    We at the speѩsuѩks ѩommunity value the opinion of all people who are ѩonsѩious of ѩampus environment and want to foster a safe environment,. ѩome help end the tyranny of the speѩ and its devil minions at speѩsuѩks.wordpress.ѩom and may we slay the beast before it ruins another lost soul just trying to confort himself with a bottle of pee.

  26. Anonymous

    Jerusalem was Jewish, Nagorno was Armenian, Kosovo was Serbian and Byzanteum was Greek long before Muhammad was born!

  27. CC13

    My school pride has fallen more than half every time when I saw arguments like this going on on campus. Last time was Columbia students attacking Barnard students when Obama decided to be the commencement speaker for Barnard in the past May. We are all taking classes on the same campus, we had the chances to be friends and had the chances to show those dirty politicians from Israel, Palestine, from democratic and republicans that we are better than them. However, students fall into politicians' traps every single time, replicated exactly the same hate and then bought to campus. It's insane to see this happening every single year.

    • No.

      Conflating personal attacks on an individual group of people/creating very immediate threats of violence for said group and student activism (whether it's deemed "radical" or otherwise) is dangerous.

  28. as if  

    So sad that 50% of Israeli kids suffer from PTSd, yet 100% of Gaza kids probably suffer from PTSD or worse, but how would we know because there are no mental professionals in Gaza to give them diagnoses or mental health care or water or food or protect them when their parents die. 50 % of Israeli kids suffer from PTSD? Ask me if I give a shit?
    In case you are wondering, the answer is no.

    • cold

      maybe you should care about both populations? also its ridiculous to say there are no mental professionals in Gaza...they may be underfunded, but that wouldn't be true if Hamas didn't hoard all the humanitarian aid it gets.

  29. Anonymous Joe

    Jews in Israel are not "native." Remember the exile stpd KYK? That "Diaspora" y'all are always b17ching about? It seems no group throughout human history has ever really been welcoming to the Jews... first was enslavement by the Egyptians (although that's just another phat jew lie that led to their ethnocentric bs they spew today), then when they fled to Europe no one there liked 'em, then the Holocaust and now this stuff. When will Jews learn to stop being so disagreeable? It seems as though everyone in history has made compromises except them - being persecuted does not count as a compromise; it counts as being stubborn. So you see Shylock, the Jews in Israel (the majority of them) are really EUROPEANS (and disgustingly inbred ones at that!). Oh, what a surprise that must be... Europeans displacing native people once again.

  30. Anonymous

    Surely my Bwog comment will resolve this conflict!

  31. check this out.  

    Israeli minister vows Palestinian 'holocaust'
    well, at least he's not lying.

  32. check this out.  

    Furthermore, the man they assassinated, Jabari,
    "The second factor that undercuts the self-defence rationale is that Jabari was involved in negotiating an Egyptian-brokered comprehensive, long-term cease-fire with Israel when he was assassinated. In a November 17 New York Times op-ed, Israeli academic Gershon Baskin (who was a mediator in these negotiations) declared that Jabari had been given a near-final version of the agreement hours before he was killed. Had he not been killed, Jabari would have been responsible for enforcing the agreement to stop rockets fired by various Palestinian groups from Gaza into Israel."

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