When Did Columbia Get So Nice?

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The Internet is not always a nice place. However, one group of anonymous do-gooding Columbians is trying to change that. Columbia Compliments serves an an intermediary, accepting complimentary Facebook messages intended for specific people and publically posting those messages as its status, without mentioning who sent them. In the end, the lucky recipient gets a public compliment that seems to come from Columbia. Taken together, it’s an anonymous love-fest. But just who is behind Columbia Compliments? They wouldn’t tell us, but we interviewed them anyway.

Bwog: Why now?

Columbia Compliments: We have been thinking about this idea for a while. It just felt like the right time. Midterms just finished (for most people), and a lot of people aren’t as pleased with their results as they would like to be. It’s just so pleasing to see people walk around with a smile on their faces.

Do you have any favorite compliments? What makes a good compliment?

Honestly, there are just so many phenomenal comments that it’s hard to pick just one.
A good compliment is one that puts a genuine smile on the recipient’s face, and urges others to send compliments in as well.

Has anyone submitted a compliment for themselves? If they did, would you post it?

No one has done that thus far. We will only develop a policy for that if necessary!

How long will you be doing this?

We are not in a position to answer this question at the moment.

Is it just one person?

We will not be responding to this question.

Has anyone done anything sweetly romantic? Has anyone done anything creepily romantic?

Sweetly romantic, yes. There have been tons of people that have complimented their friends and loved ones with extremely romantic language. There haven’t been too many creepy compliments thus far, with the exception of one or two secret admirers.

What about all the people who aren’t getting compliments?

The word about this initiative is yet to get to as many people as we want. Once it gets to a larger audience, we hope that one’s compliments will urge others to send in compliments as well—expanding the overall reach of this project.

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  1. CC '13  

    "Q: Is it just one person? A: WE will not be responding to this question." Seems like you just did..

  2. Choppa

    I feel like this is just one dude who wants to creep on girls' facebook pics

  3. anonymous

    you guys should interview columbia insults too.

  4. Anonymous

    "we hope that one’s compliments will urge others to send in compliments as well—expanding the overall reach of this project."
    That doesn't answer the question. And I honestly think that fact makes Columbia Compliments more harmful to the community than beneficial. To make people feel good, it creates an artificial community of compliments, and those who don't get them feel left out when they wouldn't feel that way without the project.

  5. Anonymous

    bwog strikes again with another awful interview

    you go guys

    why don't you ask some questions of substance

  6. Anonymous

    also bwog you're just mad because you're too mean to get compliments

  7. Holli Byrd

    Um, I posted a complimented for myself. It's up on their page. Know your shit, Compliments!

    • Anonymous  

      I'm pretty sure that question was asking Columbia Compliments if they themselves would post a compliment that someone submitted about themselves. No one cares if you wrote something on their page. Know your shit, Holli!

  8. BWOG!!!!

    Not a good interview. The second bad interview within a timespan of a week. 'tis a shame.

  9. Really

    Really, people are feeling mad that they haven't gotten compliments? I haven't received a compliment on CC - couldn't care less. It's gotta take a lot of selfishness to take a look at a bunch of compliments and think that it's a bad thing just because you are not in it. If people do feel that way, maybe they should consider giving a compliment for a change - giving feels pretty good too.

  10. King  

    Yeah, I unfriended them because I just saw everybody else getting compliments. Everybody ignores my existence.

  11. King  

    The policy about not posting compliments that people send to themselves is actually pretty disgusting. That might be the only way that they can feel good about themselves, and CC is taking that away from them. I sent myself a flower in seventh grade because I knew nobody else ever would send me one, and I would have been devastated if they had not permitted it.

  12. Creep  

    Was going to send a secret admirer note, then realized that everyone would think it was a "creepy compliment." Back to my hole...

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