Tonight, Bwog bumped around Butler, asking one question: “Are you happy?” Here is what you said.

  • A guy walking into 209: “Yes, because I think I’m in the right place, doing the right thing.”
  • A man on the second floor: “Moderately. [shrugs] That’s kind of an awkward question to ask in a library.”
  • One of your friendly neighborhood Butler smokers: “You know, man, what you’re gonna get is, you’re gonna get people who are upset at how they did on their last midterm, and they’ll say they’re sad right now…and then boom: people at Columbia are depressed. Bwog.”
  • His companion: “No. Actually… what is happiness?”
  • Reading a Bible in 403: “Am I happy? [giggle] Yeah.”
  • A girl wearing a football jersey at a table of drunk people in 210: “Yes, because we just had margaritas!”
  • Good looking blonde staring at herself in the second floor bathroom mirror: “Yes. I’m leaving this place.”
  • An Asian girl in Butler cafe: “Yes. I came here from China to study and join a different culture, and I live with my boyfriend. So I think I’m happy.”
  • White guy in Butler Cafe wearing sweatshirt/jeans/baseball cap: “I’m a Columbia student writing a paper in Butler on a Sunday night. What’s not to love?”
  • Girl in the stacks: “Yes! I was looking for a novel and I just found it!”
  • A jock-type in 209 with fake nerd glasses: “Yeah, because life is good.”
  • Guy in the Reference Room: “No.”
  • Female on Facebook in a sixth floor room: “Saw my family this weekend. Finished my CC paper at a godly hour. My ex’s new girlfriend is uglier than me. I guess life is pretty good.”
  • Chilled out guy in the Reference Room wearing Beats headphones, earnestly: “Yeah, man. Sure!”
  • Girl sobbing in the sixth floor hallway: [no answer]  (ed. note: Bwog is sorry! We didn’t notice!)

Uncertain person holding a flower via Shutterstock