Convivial Convent Conversion Conversation

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Cellar dining area can also be used for events

Tonight at 7 pm in the Carman Lounge Dean Shollenberger and Dean Martinez are cozying up with a second Community Conversation about the new 113th street brownstone. This former convent is being converted into a Special Interest Community resident hall (comparable to Wallach). The deans are contemplating some concepts about what interest it will concern and crave your counsel.

Bwog acquired the Convent floor plans and encourage you to consider them.

Specs: Three brownstones put together: 78-bed resident hall with ample basement space.  Basement space can hold a full kitchen, meaning residents can be on a partial meal plan.  The large cellar room can also hold 64 people and thus can be used for talks and events.  Live-in staff in house, bike and storage space, laundry facilities.

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  1. greek life

    I think it should be the Manhattan Q House special interest community

  2. The Dark Hand  

    Specsucks brownstone. Expect us.

  3. shrinking violet  

    yay! I'm going.

  4. shrinking violet  

    oh wait, its over. ugh.

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