All Aboard WBAR’s Goth Cruise

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Tomorrow night, starting at 7: 30, WBAR’s 3rd annual Winter Formal, Goth Cruise, will be setting sail from the Diana Event Oval.  Goth/formal dress is encouraged, and a goth first mate and captain will be named.

The show will feature:
A rare performance of the bouncy, harmonized post-punk of Household whose 2011 Items was one of the year’s best records; Midnight Magic, a nine-person disco band whose highly-anticipated new album, Walking The Midnight Streets, combines funk, soul and pop into a danceable dream; and headliner James Chance & The Contortions, legendary no-wave funk punk band.
If you are like Bwog, and wouldn’t know no-wave funk punk if James Chance punched you in the face, that’s okay. Here are the bands’ hits:


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  1. the diana  


    this is gonna be a blast & not just because Midnight Magic is the sweet disco of my dreams

    check out photos from last year's Goth Prom! people got all dressed up ---

  2. the diana  

    ps nice tags bwog :-)

  3. so stoked

    everyone come out and contort yourselllffff on the dance floor

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