Bwoglines: War and Peace Edition

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There is no horror greater than the accidental reply all.

Everyone’s worst email-related-fear became a reality during NYU’s recent Replyallcalypse. We at Columbia would never be so foolish, right? (NYU Local)

There was not a single violent crime reported in New York City on Monday. Has Public Safety become obsolete? (BBC)

Lindsay Lohan, famed for her acting’s “distinctive blend of voracity and innocence, of will and vulnerability“, was arrested for punching a woman in a club early this morning. Sigh. (The New Yorker, Newsday)

It looks like Star Trek’s magical scan-and-diagnose medical device,  the tricorder,  will be invented far before stardate 1025.4. (Forbes)

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  1. Hang onto your panties  

    because the next Star Trek movie will feature Benedict Cumberbatch in a leading role.

  2. anon

    Heard it on Reddit before I heard it on Bwog.
    Come on now...

    • Anonymous  

      does anyone really expect bwog, a student news blog made up of i'm assuming like 25 people, to be more prompt in delivering breaking news than reddit, an internet source visited and moderated by i'm assuming like a billion people? no. stop hating.

  3. Trekkie  

    Not to be annoying about it, but that's not exactly what the tricorder does. The thing McCoy uses to scan patients is usually not a tricorder. The tricorder is the thing that Spock carries around when he goes exploring - it's kind of an all-purpose scanner. He usually uses it to find life forms, radiation spikes, or really anything unusual that he's tracking.

    Also, the new Star Trek movies will never be one tenth as good as the old ones. JJ Abrams literally blew up canon to create his own alternate universe to have fun in which is so lame.

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