Tree Lighting Ceremony Tonight

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Trim up the trees with Christmas stuff
Like bingle balls, and whofoo fluff
Trim up the town with goowho gums and bizilbix and wums

– Doctor Seuss

It’s time again for Columbia’s most festive tradition, the Tree Lighting Ceremony! Leave your dark miserable studying and revel in our campus’s wintery beauty.

From the Facebook event:

Come to College Walk at 6pm for tree lighting, hot chocolate, hot cider, marshmallows, performances, speeches from faculty and administrators, and other treats!

Afterwards, follow the heralds to John Jay Lounge for the Yule Log ceremony and reception. Join us for the lighting of the Yule Log, ornaments, speeches/toasts from the four deans, performances, cider, as well as a dessert reception.

Past lighting via Yourccsc, via via C.Munoz!

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  1. broken_symlink  

    come to college walk tonight at 5pm for a burning of the spec.

  2. Anonymous  

    come to college walk tonight to see columbia students smiling.
    holiday spirit is a beautiful thing.

  3. Anonymous

    It truly is a great tradition! Everyone come. It is fantastic.

  4. worried

    This is disgusting. It completely spits in the face of the myriad of traditions celebrated at Columbia. Good job Columbia (and Bwog) for promoting evil Western-centric traditions. SHAME.

  5. More details please  

    What exactly is the Yule Log ceremony?

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