Bwoglines: Luck of the Draw Edition

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What Bwog would immediately do with 300 million dollars

With December officially upon us, we can look forward to delicious hot chocolate, holiday lights, and the end of the world as we know it. The countdown to the Mayan end of days has officially begun and Bwog would like to remind you to make the next 21 days count! (PC Mag)

As a broke college student, it might be difficult to imagine what one would spend 300 million dollars on. A fleet of speedboats? A bathtub filled with hundred dollar bills? A chariot pulled by white tigers? Yesterday, one lucky person had all these options suddenly open to her when she won one of the largest Powerball pots in recent memory. (US News)

And finally, a scene taken straight from that weird dream you had: camels were spotted roaming 51st street just two days ago. Bwog is very upset that it wasn’t there to watch. (NY Times)

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