Bwoglines: Addiction Edition

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What Bwog is addicted to

In our presbuscent years, we craved (and maybe still do secretly crave) boy bands.  Although One Direction may not have much staying power, the boy band prototype will endure for years to come. (NYTimes)

Popping your umpteenth Tums? No need to be gastro-intestinally shackled to antacids for indigestion relief—eliminating and adding certain foods from your diet can solve all your digestive woes—except coffee is on the avoid list, so maybe not. (Huffington Post)

If you find yourself waiting in line for Wilma’s Grill night after night or anticipating 8 pm for JJ’s to open, then odds are you have a strong affinity for meat. But new studies show that human cognitive development was largely dependent on meat eating, so maybe your addiction isn’t so bad. (Washington Post)

Can’t get enough of the headlines? Always need to know the breaking stories? See if you can differentiate between what was satirical and real news from 2012. (Buzzfeed)

 You would think Law and Order would have its own channel by now via Wikimedia Commons

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