CCSC Review: Synesthesia and Breakfasty Goodness

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CCSC met last night (like it does every Sunday night) to discuss how to make Columbia a better place. Council Expert Maren Killackey reports.

VP Campus Life Yanyi Luo kicked off Sunday night’s meeting with an exciting announcement about the Columbia Music Festival. To be held in lieu of College Days, the Festival will be a week long celebration with events hosted by Live at Lerner, WKCR, WBAR, Postcrypt Coffeehouse, and the Bacchanal committee. Bacchanal itself will be the week’s keystone and likely be held on April 13th. The theme is “synethesia,” whatever the hell that means (meaning we-actually-do-know-what-it-means-it’s-just-sooooo-Columbia-we-want-to-pretend-we-don’t-know-what-it-means). Also, there’s to be a bagel-stravaganza event on December 10th where Council members will station themselves in seven dorm lobbies across campus and hand out some breakfasty goodness to people who are about to have the worst day of their lives.

There were other discussions about the management structure of Glasshouse Rocks as well as an update/sales pitch from Arvin Ahmadi on Ivy Council (google it), but then something amazing remotely interesting happened. Due to a back injury, Scott Wright was unable to give his scheduled presentation to CCSC, so to kill time Council members decided to hold an intelligent a conversation on “what CCSC’s role in responding to [Bwog] comments are.” Shocked by the outpouring of negative sentiment towards Q House, AXO, and Lamda, particularly on Bwog article comment threads, the Council decided to ostensibly talk about whether it would be appropriate for CCSC to somehow respond. 2013 President Ryan Mandelbaum commented first, saying, “It’s not our job to do anything… We can’t stop people from being dicks.” The conversation should’ve ended there, but it didn’t. Following comments ranged from the unlikely – “Administrators might see these ridiculous comments from students and be less likely to solicit student input in the future” – to the unlikelier – “Why doesn’t Bwog issue its own statement saying they don’t condone this sort of commenting?” – to the paranoid – “They’re* not saying anything because they just want us to say crazy stuff!” While some invested their two cents in answering the question of how to address those in our community who feel marginalized by their peers, others seemed more interested in defeating trolls or expressing their frustration with Bwog, who, admittedly, was lmfaoing in the audience. It wasn’t until the very end that Council started to agree that the discussion was dumb and should have centered around, as VP Finance Daphne Chen suggested, why people were so angry in the first place, not the Brownstones or Bwog. (Duh.) Finally, after the fiftieth utterance of “Wait, guys, what are we doing?” Council ended the conversation by taking a poll on “potential courses of action,” none of which really matter ’cause they were either vague or ignored the point.

*Bwog was in attendance but, rather ironically, declined to comment.


  • 2016 will host a Greek-themed Lit Hum study break complete with painted Gods to whom you may supplicate for good grades.
  • 2015 is co-sponsoring Danceapalooza.
  • 2014 is hosting a study break on Tuesday to help prepare decorations for Community Lunch’s holiday party.
  • 2013 is hosting another Lerner Pub this Thursday and a study break on December 10. Class sweaters go on sale Tuesday.

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  1. anon  

    Glad to see that Bwog is the same paradigm of journalistic integrity they've always been...

  2. I don't care

    I just really love Daphne Chen.

  3. lol  

    bwog's just butthurt because they're just coming to realize that they have become the representative voice of the worst people in the world

  4. the solution

    is actually pretty simple... stop reading bwog so much

  5. The Dark Hand  

    Bwog's time has come. Like Spec before it the publication has become a breeding ground for suffering and injustice. It is beyond saving and must be allowed to die. This is the most important function of sp@csucks. It is one we've performed for centuries. Spec must be destroyed.

  6. you guys need to start putting names on your articles  

    so i can tell who's doing the mediocre writing

  7. you need to start reading before asking questions  

    "Expert Maren Killackey reports."

  8. Anonymous  

    Trust fund kids in power hating anonymous comments...nothing new here.

  9. NYU Student

    So... what exactly does the student council get done besides prom?

  10. "synesthesia"  

    also, let me google that for you.

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