Bwoglines: Discoveries Edition

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What will they invent next?

In case you live under a rock (or maybe you haven’t talked to any British-obsessed people in the past 24 hours), Kate Middleton is pregnant. (E!)

NASA is coming to the conclusion that the Solar System is larger than previously thought. The Voyager spacecraft should have left the Sun’s magnetic field a while ago, but this hasn’t happened yet. That’s why they call it the final frontier… (CNN)

The rap group Das Racist has split up.If you don’t know who they are, they came to Bacchanal a few years ago and were interviewed by an avant-garde news source. (Salon)

A study indicates that the Roma people (also known as gypsies), are descended from the lowest caste of Indian society. According to the report, the Roma are descendants from “untouchables” or Dalits who migrated from India 1,400 years ago. (Telegraph)

Good-spirited disdain towards non-Ivies via Shutterstock 

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  1. Bwog

    The term "gypsy" is a slur. Get your collective shit together. Thanks.

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