Usher in the Holidays and be a Good Person!

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Tonight, from 7:30 to 9:30 PM in the John Jay Lounge, CCSC ’14 is hosting an event that’ll fill your heart and your stomach. This is for students of all years though!

There will be free cookies and hot chocolate for everyone, as well as gingerbread houses to decorate, paper snowflakes to cut, and stocking stuffer bags to make.

Everything made during the study break will be used at the holiday party for children of homeless and low-income families.

All we want for Christmas (or whatever holiday floats your boat) is you there!

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  1. I read the title...  

    and I assumed that Usher was going to star in two movies, Holidays, and Be a Good Person.

  2. Grateful  

    Bwog, thank you for posting the original version of this song and not the shitty one feat. Justin Bieber

  3. the diana  

    best song ever sung

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