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If you felt like you were being watched this morning, it’s probably because students from the Success Academy were debating whether or not you qualified as someone “walking with friends.”

Seems fun, right? You could get three in a row by encountering a hipster (coffee/instrument/backpack), an athlete with musical inclinations (sweatshirt/instrument/exercising), or by being almost anywhere between 114th and 120th street (sweatshirt/friends/library).

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  1. Anonymous  

    Student urinating into a water bottle√

    Student proliferating rape culture√

    Student having a total meltdown√

    Student advising peers to "call Nightline" or CPS√

    Student trolling√√√√√√

  2. Eh (I'm Canadian)  

    A) Field trip worksheets always sucked.
    B) But this is a highly touted charter school. Is that really all they can manage?

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