Bwoglines: Elitism Edition

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“I can’t believe I lost my privilege AGAIN!”

This morning, you might need to check your privilege if…

…you can relate to these women¬†from Penn State, who thought it was a good idea to dress up as “Mexican stereotypes” for Halloween. (CNN)

…you’ve always felt that you could get just a little bit farther away from every other human being on the entire planet. But to help you out, a new space tourism company will let you buy a ticket to the moon for $750 million. (PopSci)

…you kind of feel bad that Romney is being asked to give up the extra $25.7 million he had left from fundraising after the campaign. (Reuters)

…you heard Dana Perino say that female victims of violence should make better decisions, but found it most noticeable that she opened her comments with a pun about her opponent “skirting the issue.” (HuffPost)

Shut up, at least you’re not studying for finals via Shutterstock.

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