Free Food: Showdown

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Tonight offers the most difficult decision you may have to make this week. (Besides, you know, which classes to study most for.) It’s French food versus Mean Girls. From 9 to 11 pm in Carman Lounge, CCSC and Ferris Reel will be hosting a free screening of Mean Girls (which just makes us have a lot of feelings). There will be candy canes (four for you, and not just Glen Coco) and cakes made with rainbows and sparkles by people who do go here. Free movie and free food – so basically, heaven. On the other side of the galaxy (aka John Jay Lounge), from 9:30 to 11 pm the French Cultural Society will be having a holiday party. There will be performances by the Metrotones and CU Swing, as well as bûche de noel (some sort of fancy French yule log cake) and other delicious holiday foods. French food, dance, and good music also sounds pretty great. Not going to lie, this one’s a bit of a toss-up. Judging by the temperature outside, we’re guessing freshpeople will be calling it based on which dorm they already live in.

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  1. FCS  

    Correction: FCS will be in WIEN LOUNGE tonight at 9:30 pm

  2. ugh

    bwog i see enough walls o text in my text books. if its free food gimembullets

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