Overheard: A Hair-Raising Thought

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A tipster overheard this exchange between two male athletes eating at John Jay.

Athlete 1: I don’t like girls with straight hair.
Athlete 2: What are you talking about? Girls with straight hair can be really sexy! What kind of hair does your mom have?
Athlete 1: What? Why?
Athlete 2: I took psychology my sophomore year, and there are studies that say you like girls who look like your mom. No, it’s true, dude.
Athlete 1: She does not have straight hair.
Athlete 2: See, dude, I told you!

Bad hair day via Shutterstock.

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  1. hahah

    wild hair makes a girl look sexy ;]

  2. BC '13  

    I think they'd both love to bury their faces in my wild pubic mane.

  3. Wait  

    Who says "does not" instead of doesn't?

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