Free Food: First Night of Hanukkah

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Gluttony is permitted

The first night of Hanukkah begins today at sundown!

Join the Jewish organizations of Chabad and Hillel on Low Steps for some free hot cider and jelly donuts from 6PM to 8PM. There will be a ceremony to light the big menorah afterwards.


Some pictures from the festivities:

Drool-worthy feast via Shutterstock

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  1. Anonymous

    Chabad is the worst.

  2. Anonymous  

    what time is the lighting ceremony?

    • Rikki

      Hope you made it tonight! Lightings will be on Low at 6pm every night (except Friday at 3pm). Hillel is also hosting lighting in some dorms every night.

      Have a happy (C)hannu(k)a(h)!

  3. Anonymous  

    Are non-jews welcome to the event?

  4. Truth Jew

    Hanukkah is such a weak little holiday. You'd think we could come up with some trumped up pseudo-religions hyper-commercialized holiday like what Christmas has become by now, wouldn't you?

  5. Christmas Fan

    Why isn't there a giant Christmas tree on the steps? That would be cool.

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