Rallies a Student-Worker Success!

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Photo by Raquel Ledezma-Haight

Student-Worker Solidarity and other groups demonstrate against economic injustice

The SWS is a group of students striving to promote support and solidarity between students and workers both on the Columbia campus and outside of its gates. On Saturday, more than 70 Columbia community members rallied against worker inequality at Domino’s and at Indus Valley. ¬†Here’s Student-Worker-Solidarity’s press release on the event:

Over seventy members of the Columbia community rallied last night at the Columbia gates to protest against sweatshop conditions and union-busting at Domino’s, Indus Valley, and Faculty House. After a short speak-out on campus, the group marched to Domino’s at 108th St. and then to Indus Valley at 100th St. & Broadway.

With chants, signs, and flyers, members of Student-Worker Solidarity (SWS), Justice Will Be Served (JWBS), the Columbia Democrats, and the International Socialist Organization demonstrated against a number of economic injustices in Morningside Heights. They called for Dave Melton, owner of four Domino’s franchises, and Phuman and Billa Singh, the owners of Indus Valley, to pay their workers millions of dollars in stolen wages. They also called for Sheila Garvey, Columbia Vice President of Labor Relations, to negotiate in good faith with Unite Here Local 100, the union representing workers at Faculty House.

“Student-Worker Solidarity is renewing the long tradition of students and workers at CU fighting together for justice,” said SWS member Yoni Golijov, “And in the context of the upsurge in workers’ struggles across the country like at Walmart and in the fast food industry, we’re only going to see more and more student-labor solidarity groups popping up at universities everywhere.”


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  1. Republican  

    The higher their salaries, the higher our tuition...

  2. SEAS 2015  

    This is stupid. If they don't like their job, the can work somewhere else.

    • Anonymous

      don't embarrass SEAS by saying that

    • Anonymous

      Well said sir,well said. Columbia kids have their heads so far up their asses they have shit stains on their shoulders. If the firm can't afford to stay open, these people will lose their jobs anyway. I am sick and tired of people encouraging this hands out mouth open mentality. Get out and work losers.

      • ...perhaps do a little research?  

        what if (GASP!?) the firms CAN afford to stay open while still treating their human employees like real people? The owner of those four NYC Domino's, Dave Melton, said himself earlier that each restaurant made $1 million in profits each year.

      • CC' 12  

        A lot of these workers have to work two or three jobs anyway in order to make ends meet, and on top of that businesses like Indus Valley and this specific Dominos break the law and pay them under minimum wage. And at Faculty House, business is booming, while the Columbia administration has been slowly rolling back their essential benefits. It's not really a "hands out" attitude it's more of a "give us a small piece of the pie" attitude. I for one am not comfortable having low tuition at the price of slave wages for the workers who serve me every day, especially since Columbia has such good financial aid.

  3. Anonymous

    I'd rather protest Domino's for their crimes against pizza.

  4. Anonymous

    Finally people are doing real shit on this campus

  5. hmm  

    This group is so legit. bringing cu back to its roots

  6. Anonymau5  

    great pic bwog let's keep this up

  7. CC '13  

    You already graduated so maybe you have ceased to care, but unless you're outrageously poor, Columbia doesn't give you anything. They don't help middle class students at all.

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