Bwog in Bed: Don’t Be Complainin’

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Eat, poop, sleep.
The Columbian dream.

Bwog encourages you to join us in bed with laptop chargers and Lit Hum books in hand for a continuation of last semester’s tradition, Bwog in Bed. We will be replacing full Bwoglines with this finals-oriented series until the end of finals the world (12/21). To help us lower the curve, remember to send in tips for everyone’s maximum procrastination.

Bwogline: Think you have it badly with four finals in one day? The children in Cleveland, Texas, will be scarred forever when they learn that they snuggled close to a volunteer Santa who happened to be a registered sex offender.

Finals Tip: Studies show setting words to music helps with memorization.  Play a self-written, self-recorded Lit Hum ballad at full volume on your speakers in 209 on loop for 3 hours every night.

Procrastinate: Two little bugs in a sewer? Why, it’s the recipe for hours of not doing work.

Overseen: Enough said.

“I’m gonna pet the [expletive] out of those puppies.”

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