A Song That Just Won’t Die

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Maybe that will change come 2013, but for now we’re still living in the year of Call Me Maybe and Gangnam Style. So grit your teeth and wring out every last drop of guilty pleasure from “Columbia Style,” by Columbia Style.

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  1. I love Cindy Burbank

    more than anyone in the whole wide world.

  2. Anonymous  


  3. Spanish Thunder  

    I wish there were other posts on Bwog with the tag "the lion's nutsack"

  4. CC '13

    The Columbia student video torch has been passed. :')

  5. CC 14

    Too bad the sound is really low quality so it doesnt sound like a real song, it makes MIT style still better.

  6. turban  

    Carman forever people... I'd love to meet you someday

  7. Anonymooose  

    This was so bad I pooped out of my mouth.

  8. hahahaha  

    Teddy Canyon got bitch slapped.

  9. Twitch  

    Yo this video made me love Columbia for two minutes during finals. Snaps to those kids.

  10. Anonymous  

    i tried to like it. i really did, but those two guys just sound so dead...

  11. artsy plumber  

    I'm honestly very sick of this tune.

  12. i honestly can't listen to this  

    past the point where Tone-Deaf Robot starts "singing"

  13. i just wish  

    they had gotten someone else to sing it. honestly the video itself is pretty well-produced, but the vocals ruined it for me

  14. I don't think  

    that this takes itself seriously enough to warrant all the hate. They're obviously not professional singers (like all bwog haters seem to be), but so what? Lighten up people, it's a nice study study break during finals and at least they have some good school spirit.

    • Anonymous

      They took themselves serious enough to produce a video with a cgi explosion and tons of people. The audio clearly ruins the whole song, and the timing is way off. Otherwise, pretty good.

      And I don't have to be a professional writer to critically analyze literature. You're just butt hurt. Get over it.

  15. I didn't see a robot  

    Maybe I'll watch again and try to find it. And then watch again. And again. And again!

  16. Anonymous

    You guys who are putting this video down are just haters. This video is pure taste. It's very well made and extremely funny. Hate it or love it, it's gonna be huge and watched for years to come. Plus, I love lion balls

  17. the diana

    gangnam style parody? really? is it your first day on the internet?

    aww baby

  18. moving like bernie  

    <3 <3 <3
    saw that. so great.

  19. Rega  

    Yo Chris and Angad, this is AMAZING. Love the lyrics, love the video, love the editing, love everything. Thanks for putting SO much work into this just so all of us sleep deprived and stressed Columbia kids can have something fun to bond over instead of bonding over how sleep deprived and stressed we are :) Seriously, the video looks and sounds great. Mad props.

    P.S. Ignore the haters :) They're upset because they aren't as cool, talented, attractive or selfless as you guys.

    P.P.S. Hey, haters! This video was made for fun and you, with your top-notch filmmaking expertise and your sound-recording genius and your unsolicited wrath, are bringin me down! Take your meanness elsewhere pls! Leave the good people alone :)

  20. Curious

    Where does one even go to get a bright yellow suit? That can't so easy to find.

  21. Anonymous  

    only (technically) good part of the video was the sweet animation at the end. regardless, fun stuff, propz

  22. American

    Why the fuck are yall still supporting this Psy guy after the anti-American comments surface? Is your 15 minutes of dumb internet fame really worth it?

  23. ....................  

    fucking kpop is taking over, as if lena park and ukiss aren't enough.

    LET's all move to Gangnam! Anybody's got a ride?

  24. cher

    sit on your own damn face i'm BUSY

  25. CC'14  


  26. Disillusioned NYU Transfer  

    Honestly, I'm glad people are doing something fun here, but why did these guys choose this song? It's been more than played out the last 3-4 months.
    They could've chosen "Die Young" by Ke$ha or even the Macklemore Sax "Thrift Shop" song, which are currently in more notable, fresh moments of their existence.

    Just saying, but Gangnam away Columbia.

  27. CC '14  

    This would have been perfect 4 months ago Chris, but have you seen the Athletics team's Gangnam? Have you seen Shapiro's? Those WERE Columbia Gangnam.

    Man, Choose another song next time, but it's still fun.

  28. That is fucking terrible. all those chicks are hideous. you're a fagoot canales. you loser. im gonna break your teeth and bury them in my fucking garden you puss.

  29. Granny Groper

    That Cindy Burbank is sexy as fuck. Update her comments, Bwog.

  30. Schapiro 3  

    did it better!

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