Live at Lerner: Study Break!

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Live at Lerner is at it again with their cheery attempts to make Lerner–you know–a legitimate student center.  Today from noon till 2 pm in the Lerner Piano Lounge they will be having a Study Break replete with cookie decorating, Stressbusters, holiday-themed arts and crafts, and a video of a totally real warm fire.  Along with cookie decorating will be other tasty treats and drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, and tea.

Two movie passes will be given to the attendee with the best ugly holiday sweater, so pull ’em out, guys.  For inspiration, here’s Ellen:

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  1. The Ban Captain thepoet  

    I suddenly realized that when you guys aren't stooping low to create sensationalist reporting or drama, your articles are incredibly banal and sophomoric (lel using big words).

    Guess I was late to the bwog is lame party, but here I am. Anyone else got cheetoes?

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