Barnard Mails ED Letters This Week, Sees Record Numbers Of Applicants (Again)

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Barnard is mailing its acceptance letters for early decision applicants this week, and reports record numbers of applicants for the third year in a row.

And the countdown to the eBear renovation starts yesterday...

Admissions officers that are almost as excited as those people at Midnight Breakfast last night…

Congratulations to the Class of 2017, who now await their decision by snail-mail only. Believe it or not, future first-years, that part might be easier than using eBear.

Statement from Director of Media Relations Sun Min, below:

  • For the Class of 2017, Barnard received 599 early decision applications, a 6.6% increase from last year when we received 562.
  • This year’s number represents a 53% increase from just three years ago when we received 392 early applications.
  • Notably, this year’s applicant pool was the most diverse–including ethnic, geographic and schools–in the College’s history. There were many schools from which the College had never previously received applications, and we received a record number of early applicants from international students.

Good luck to applicants waiting to hear–we’re all rooting for you!

Joy to Milbank via Barnard College/Ayelet Pearl BC ’14.

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  1. Hope weren't counting on housing! Good luck!

  2. Van Owen  

    Time to fuck me some Barnard bitches! When is Accepted Students Day?

  3. Bro  

    you do know that anyone can look up your uni and know who you are..........

  4. :)  

    And then once they do THAT, they can easily pull up your facebook profile, see your entire list of friends, take a screenshot of your not-very-clever "make these young little sluts SQUEAL" comment and send it to every last one of them, including the ones who somehow share your last name, from an anonymous Facebook account: all without leaving Butler!

    Did you learn a lesson today, little Sleazy Seasie? You should have learned this one: Don't. Be. An. Asshole.

    Bwog, help out and delete his comment before he fucks his life up.

  5. BC '15

    Congratulations!! Welcome to Barnard, you'll be so happy here. Ignore the jerks in the comments, they never leave their dorm rooms in real life.

  6. Anonymous

    Congratulations girls! Barnard is the best woman's college in the nation.

  7. Kj

    Columbia admission rate goes down, Barnard goes up - am I the only one who sees the connection.
    Barnard College - 99% Columbia Rejects

  8. the diana  

    Did they over-enroll again this year? Forced doubles for everyone!!

    • the diana  

      For real tho, admitted students, I love Barnard. Being here has been amazing in so many ways, personally & academically. Administration can be difficult, but that's the case at every school. You're brilliant and awesome and you'll have a great time here.

      Welcome! <3

  9. GS '14

    Barnard is really like an all-female version of NYU; whereas NYU is the all-gay version of Barnard,

  10. male CC '15  

    it seems like day by day a bigger proportion of my friends are from Barnard and a smaller proportion from Columbia. just saying, if i were a girl, i think i would've chosen the school across broadway.

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