Men’s Swimming Team Going on $35k Work-Cation?

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What are you doing for winter break? How about an 8-day trip to Miami Beach; staying at a 4-star hotel? Bwog received a picture earlier tonight from an anonymous tipster, who found a hotel invoice lying on a desk nearby Uris Pool. The invoice seems legit, but Bwog is reaching out to Athletics just to make sure, and we’ll update this post if they get back to us.

It’s worth noting that you’re not paying for this training, at least not directly. While a third of our student life fees go to Athletics, Deans Shollenberger and Martinez have assured us that this only includes athletics events open to everyone (like intramurals and Dodge Gym). The funding for the swim team’s trip must comes from other means—such as [Update: $600 each (in addition to teaching swim lessons) from] members themselves.

The alleged invoice:

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  1. 14  

    That is really expensive. But to be fair, each room is $219 for the night, which I'm sure is cheaper than most Miami Beach hotels. I'm sure they were conscientious.

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      So all you Van Owens, Dark Hands, Shrinking Violet, Harmony Hunters and Honorably Based FILGBs out there, check it out and then check your privilege (wtf does that even mean)

  2. The Honourably Based FILGB  

    inb4 athlete shitstorm

  3. Anonymous  

    why does the bwog staff actively try to divide this school and foster hate for the athletics program? don't they get enough shit as it is? report on something funny, interesting, or thought provoking instead of this shit. and try to do it while at least pretending to be unbiased.

    this isn't a scandal; its the same shit that happens with every team of this type across the country. D fucking 3 schools included.

    shit. fuck.

    peeved non-athlete

    • Anonymous  


      Just because it's common, doesn't mean it's not a scandal. When I matriculated I hoped that Columbia was better than the redneck state schools that have packed, dilapidated classrooms and gleaming, empty stadiums. Apparently not? Because I'm exaggerating...the state schools can at least fill their stadiums.

      Student life fees, as we know, don't mean a thing here. *Tuition* goes towards athletics, even if KSho doesn't have to be transparent about it.

      • Moneybags  

        So tuition pays for out athletic teams to travel to Ithaca and New Haven, and they pay for themselves to go to Miami. I'm sure they are as sorry to have to go to Hanover as you are to pay for it. But don't forget that even with our sorry athletic teams, they still have huge networks of alums that donate. Fact: athletics raised just as much or more than CC or SEAS on giving day. Don't get your panties in a wad

    • I'm beginning to wonder  

      how the bwog staff lives with itself.

      • H

        is it really the "unbiased" thing to not report this, especially if its disproportionate when parts of the school need more money, and out of the ordinary (those things that constitute "newsworthiness")?

        • Moneybags  

          How about you do the "unbiased" thing and publish your winter break plans? While you're at it, please tell us what you're doing for spring break and summer break so we know where to find your hotel invoices

    • Anonymous  

      @Anonymous: Best response I have seen in a while. Bravo!

  4. anonymous  

    I'm pretty sure that the members of the swim accumulate these funds themselves through out of pocket payments and various other team fundraisers, so there's really nothing to scream about. How about attempting to get your facts straight before posting something like with the intention of inciting controversy.

  5. Anonymous

    I'm sure they're also paying to get their own asses kicked by their coaches.

  6. varsityteammember  

    This post is completely inaccurate. Each student-athlete on the Varsity Swimming & Diving Team pays a significant amount of money to go on this trip. Also, most collegiate swimming and diving teams in the nation go on a training trip during the winter break.

    $35,000 for about 40 athletes is not that much when most of this cost is covered by the athletes themselves.

    Please check your facts before posting because this is not only not true, but also offensive to the swimming & diving team at Columbia.

  7. The Veiled Mouth

    This is an outrage. this money could've gone to fund the most prestigious publication on campus.


  8. Van Owen  

    Good thing there won't be any women. Otherwise it'd just be a four-star brothel, and why shell out 35k when you already have one across the street?

  9. Check your privelege  

    check it again

  10. Anonymous  

    Each swimmer pays a significant portion of the cost. Furthermore, the swim team members are responsible for teaching lessons in the fall and spring, and the proceeds end up covering most of the cost of this trip. You're a joke Bwog.

  11. the diana  

    I wouldn't mind spending winter break in florida

    at the Savoy

    with the swimming team

    and unlimited mojitos would be nice too but idk if that's pushing it

  12. Anonymous

    The League of Butthurt Dwellers has spoken

  13. Anonymous  

    It's also worth noting that the trivializing of a training trip as a "vacation" is beyond irritating to those of us who sacrifice so much for our sport.

    • ok

      There's clearly no reason to have a problem with this trip if it was mostly self-funded, and this post is stupid, but cut the sanctimonious "sacrifice" language. Is a south beach resort the most efficient place to host a training trip? Sounds to me like you guys get to mix business and pleasure this break, and good for you, Bon voyage, etc, but don't make it sound like the peace corps.

      • Anonymous  

        @ok: The thing is, training trips are usually centered around 50-meter pools, rather than the standard 25-meter pools. This is for a number of training purposes which I won't go into. Most 50-meter pools are located in warm areas, as they are too large and expensive to maintain in an indoor setting. So yes, every college swim team spends winter break in a warm area so they can take advantage of these pools. The warm weather is always nice, but trust me, training trip is the absolute hardest training of the year and hardly any time is spent actually enjoying the environment. These trips are the opposite of R&R. You don't know what you're talking about.

  14. ^the same anonymous

    Let the record show that the "student life fees" tag was removed. Looks like Bwog actually listens

  15. CC '15  

    bwog has been awesome this semester, lots of drama instigated, how it should be.

  16. brosef

    It's bc Bwog is a little twat that is jealous of all the athletes. Bwog, do you even lift?!

  17. Anon  

    Swim team, we love you!!

  18. Miami here I come

    The men's swim team sucks too. Think on the bright side, if you can just pass the swim test you'll score a nice trip to Miami!!!

  19. CC '13  

    "The invoice seems legit, but Bwog is reaching out to Athletics just to make sure, and we’ll update this post if they get back to us."

    Is Bwog taking pointers from the National Enquirer? Research THEN publication -- not the other way around.

  20. Alumnus

    Honestly, having tried to book some trips recently, and having actively sought to minimize cost, this seems pretty cheap for what it is. A room rate of 219 dollars is pretty standard at any decent hotel in any major urban area.

    Things are expensive these days.

  21. There is no need

    to "flip" out and have a "stroke" over this. The team simply "pooled" their resources when an opportunity for a vacation landed in their "lap". It's better than some "dive" bar in the 80's anyways.

    • Space Battleship Loofah

      I would "flip" on my back and "stroke" with the swim team over this. Their man-goo should be "pooled" on my chest once I have an opportunity to be riding on their "lap". It's better once I "dive" into their asses.

  22. LULZ  

    Go study for your fucking finals writers of Bwog. With this type of journalism, it's clear your only shot of making any money is by not failing these finals.

  23. srsly tho  

    Bwog, DEAR GOD please start thinking before you post. Remember when Bwog made huge efforts to be a legitimate news source and NOT a gossip blog? Bwog is turning back into a trashy tabloid: Robert at 1020, stalking TDH, and now this. Please have better judgement--you're losing your longtime readers.

  24. this is outrageous

    wow i cant believe my tuition money is going to this shit. fuck the swim team. thanks to whoever found this, this needs to be reported asap

  25. non athlete  

    Bwog, you went wrong with this post when you tried to use it to stir controversy. I think everyone can agree that Bwog is meant for trivial posts, I mean obviously this isn't the New York Times or even the Spec (which yes, I read both because I do believe they serve different purposes). I think this post would have been more acceptable if it was just woah, swim team spends a lot on training trips and meant for people to appreciate in the same way many other boringside heights/overseen/overheards are. At the end of the day, thats what Bwog is supposed to be. Unnecessarily starting controversy about the source of these funds is not.

  26. Sawvisdninkanq

    $35k is not that much. $35k roughly equates to how much an orange costs in my country.

  27. Crush

    I'd pay $35,000 just to see Stanley Wong in a speedo in Miami <333 #Marrymestanley

  28. Micah

    Crush, isn't Micah Rembrandt the hot one? I want that beautiful specimen as my slampiece.

  29. Oops

    Just realized I mixed up Micah with Steve Raynes lol....awkward.

  30. yo dude

    you're a swamp donkey. it's my hope that someday you'll realize how little your penis truly is.

  31. Sadness

    ^^ Isn't Micah dating some guy named Tom? :((

  32. General Public  

    Regardless, swimmers are one of the top 5 douchiest groups of guys on campus. Fact.

  33. this is stupid

    How is this news? They take a training trip. They are training. They do it in a nice place because shit, if you have to spend your winter break doing intensive training, it better be someplace fucking nice.

    Besides which this is almost entirely member-funded, so even if they were going to Ibiza to go clubbing, I still don't see why that would be news... People can pay to go anywhere they want.

  34. Space Battleship Loofah

    I'd pay $35k to have the swim team bukkake me

  35. Donut  

    God, I would pay for them to make me a glazed donut.

  36. Space Battleship Loofah  

    Athletes have more control over their bowels than weak-willed flab pasties like you. Therefore, they are less likely to cause a shitstorm. I guarantee you that a swimmer, clenching his toned buttocks into a steely flesh-vise, could take twice as many peppermint powder enemas as you before the shit would start to fly.

  37. Best part about swimming

    The sport has few blacks. #StillAWhiteMansGame #NHL #NASCAR #JimCrow

  38. anonymous

    Is it just me, or is it just sad how much Bwog has tried to be the National Enquirer this semester?

    Bwog, listen to me:
    YOU ARE FAILING AT SUCKING. Please stop. Just. Stop. It.

  39. Upvotes\Downvotes  

    Wow. Swim team is clearly more popular than the frats.

  40. Anonymous  

    @hmm: I don't have to pay $35,000, I get to see him in a speedo everyday for free. Lucky me.

  41. News?  

    Bwogs next big controversy: "Columbia undergrads spend $3,000,000 on airfare over winter break".
    6000 students spending on average $500 each. Then bwog tries to convince us to stay on campus and donate it all to charity

  42. Anonymous  

    They are swimming at the best high school every so its fine.

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