How To Tell If You Passed Your Finals

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Walking out of a final often feels uncertain at the best of times, and you have no idea just how well you did or didn’t do. Here are some handy flowcharts, carefully constructed for each discipline, to help you tell if you should rejoice or despair. Reposted because flowcharts never get old. 

Bwog’s Data Structures Expert Brian Wagner put together these flow charts for your delectation. He basically figured out whether or not you are going to fail your classes. Finals may or may not be over, but either way, don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched!

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  1. math/sciences  

    too soon

  2. Squintie

    draw one for my entire life.

  3. Anonymous  

    Every path in the math/sciences one should inevitably lead to failure

    • Anonymous

      Today my iPhone crashed while sending the text message "lol'.

      I thought about the hundreds of engineers who had developed the software, the hundreds who had developed the hardware, the millions of (wo)man-hours of design and debugging that had developed the systems that they adapted and built on, and the millions more for the wireless network, which is in turn built upon decades of tireless labor in signal processing back to the invention of the telegraph, unto the the very beginnings of time when man first conquered fire.

      My bro chad had sent me a picture of a bong made out of a Nicolai bottle. The greatest works of the most intrepid and steadfast minds failed to express even the least of human emotions, the obligatory laugh. Humanity has failed.

      This is how programming feels every single day. Please keep this in mind when complaining about your papers.

  4. Anonymous  

    I know I certainly enjoyed having what little remained of my self-esteemed obliterated by a statistics final this morning.

  5. Anonymous  

    does SEAS have affirmative action? why are they all so smart? there also seems to be way more asians in SEAS.....

  6. Anonymous  

    There was no econ path! Common Bwog!

    • Alexandra  (Bwog Staff)  

      As an econ major, let me construct this for you real quick--follow brackets carefully:

      Have you been keeping up with Paul Krugman?
      [Yes--> you pass! No--> next question. Who's that?--> you fail.]

      Is it stats or econometrics?
      [Yes--> you fail. No--> Next question]

      Is it a required class?
      [No--> go to next section. Yes--> Are you taking Gulati or Vogel?] {Yes--> Good luck dude. No--> Xavier?} (No--> You'll be fine. Yes--> Are you and Carlos BFFs?) you pass! No--> you missed out on something magical.>

      Is it about modern American financial systems?
      [Yes-->hahahahaaa your professor doesn't even know what's going on. No--> next question.]

      Is it about modern Europe?
      [No--> Go to next section. Yes--> Are you from there?] {Yes--> you'll be exasperated, but pass! No--> Have you been going to class?} (Yes--> you pass! No--> you fail.)

      Was it historically or mathematically based?
      [Historically--> you pass! Mathematically--> next question.]

      Have you been going to class?
      [No--> you fail. Yes--> you pass!]

      Good luck, compatriots!! When all else fails just go on a rant about interest rates.

  7. Anonymous  

    *come on. Oops sorry.

  8. 14  

    That closing brackets joke was hilarious. As a Poli Sci student, I'm glad I took 1004 this semester just so I could understand that. Now to receive my final scores....:/

  9. '12

    None of these are trees bwog--math isn't even a DAG (or as they say in Tel Aviv, FISH). I am disappoint. Your tag should instead be, "a digraph with many branches".

  10. anonymous  

    ^wants everyone else to stop studying so he gets a better grade

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