Bwog in Bed: Typical Tuesday

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The most special of snowflakes

Tired of all this library-study-finals-eat-study-finals bullshit? So is Bwog. Come snooze in our bed for a while. Remember, you are infinitely more important than some dumb grade in a course. Finals. Pffft. You can go back to your crazy study lifestyle (don’t forget to keep us updated at!) after we’re done cuddling.

Bwogline: An amateur linguist decided to create the world’s most perfect language, Ithkuil. This article is so interesting it may respark your will to learn.

“Using Ithkuil, we can see things that exist but don’t have names, in the same way that Mendeleyev’s periodic table showed gaps where we knew elements should be that had yet to be discovered.” (NYT)

Finals Tip: Make all your study notes using the same pen, then write the exam with that pen. The pen will instinctively know the right answers.

Procrastinate:Make yourself an intricate digital snowflake, then add it to the virtual snowstorm!

Overheard: Leaving butler by the security desk, two girls look up to the (Latin on) the ceiling:

“It says cunt on the ceiling”

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  1. Seneca

    Men, while teaching, vagina.

  2. Anonymous  

    Not to sound dumb and/or gullible, but is the pen thing true?

  3. Anonymous

    If you're going to encourage me to procrastinate more, at least do it right and post a working link for the snowflakes!

  4. Bill Chapman

    If you're interested in Esdperanto, go to

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